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In order to find the proper URL to which to submit forms, I need to manually set the context name in every URL.

How can I make Apache/Tomcat notice that my servlet changed, without having to restart it?

How do I access an Init Parameter set in web.xml from a JavaBean?

How do I map a JSP using web.xml and RequestDispatcher?

I've recently installed j2sdk1.4.1, having previously been developing in jdk1.2.1 and my old code is not compiling as it can't find packages javax.servlet.* and javax.servlet.http.*. How can I fix this?

What is a "Distributed Web Application"?

Maintaining database state across session.

How to send a SMS or MMS from a servlet?

In a servlet, are the method variables are shared between several threads or not?

How can an HttpSessionListener comunicate directly to an user web browser that his session has been destroyed by server web.xml "timeout" parameter?

What is a "javax.servlet.ServletException: Broken pipe" exception?

Why request.getRemoteUser() returns NULL ?

Is possible to subdir webapps directory?

Why is my servlet called twice from a JavaScript button?

How do I run a servlet from command-line mode?

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