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How can I display the filenames(b.pdf)in a page using JSP?

I need to see the servlet (.java) code of a simple JSP

In order to find the proper URL to which to submit forms, I need to manually set the context name in every URL.

I have a jsp page(a view). It is actually a popup to a main-page. This popup is to email people. The popup has a 'Send' button. On clicking 'Send' button, I want the popup to close immediately(which I can accomplish via javascript...onclick submit form and close popup) and leave the processing to the server. I am using Struts, so the ActionServlet will direct it to an Action perform() wherein I have Stateless session beans going to handle the emailing of input data.

I would like to make sure that my users only enter any combination or letters or numbers for a particular field in my JSP (case insensitive). What is the best way to do this?

I have a html file

I have a question about how I might call/invoke a JSP from another Java class (which is not itself a Servlet) using the Servlet/JSP container.

I'm looking for a complete list of the "User-Agent" params in thge request header from all browsers. I don't have all browsers running on my machine, and IE doesn't even let you run multipe versions anyway.

Is it possible to have a vertical scrollbar with a jsp which in tern is a part of some other jsp? I don't want to use frames.

I used getOutputStream() of response object in JSP.

Can anyone tell me where to get the response information for an error condition.
I have a JSP that handles all my errors and I would like to get the "404 - File not found" text (or whatever other text there might be for other conditions).
If anyone has some sample code I would appreciate it.

I am trying to pass some parameters from one server to a JSP page on another server, and the receiving JSP page writes those parameters to a text file.

I am trying to use Log4j with jsps. I am using the log taglib from jakarta along with Log4j.

i have placed the class file in the WEB-INF/classes in the project directory and the when i run my aplication this is what comes...

Does anybody know of any available classes that can create word documents on the fly? (or RTF format)

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