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Is there a way of setting up JMS for secure communications? Essentially, I want to be able to restrict topics to authorized users only.

How should I take care of issues like security while implementing a QueueConnectionFactory and other administered objects in JMS?

Where can I find the API documentation for Java Messaging Service (JMS)?

When there is an asynchronous listener on a JMS queue, a new thread is spawned to handle each new message being passed to the queue.

Are there any open-source JMS implementations?

Is there a way to have mutiple instances of the consumer running on different server instances read from the same queue and ensure that each message is processed by one and only one of the consumers. I'd like to do this to spread the load over the various machines.

In a system where one client sends a message to one specific peer out of thousands, is it appropriate to use a single queue and have the peers find their messages using selectors?

Consider two processes A and B. A wants to send a message to B's queue and A wants B to reply to A's message. For example, A sends to queue 'Consumer' that B creates, and B sends the reply to A's 'Producer' queue. How would the clients implement this scenario?

How do you bind a queue to a context for subsequent applications to look up? If queues are created in the context of a session, how can they be used by another session?

Does the J2EE reference implementation support the JMS?

OK, so EJB doesn't support user-created threads. So how do I perform tasks asynchronously?

What books cover JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)?

Are there any JNDI tutorials?

I am quite new in JMS and would like to try it out. Can you please suggest any complementary software?

Has JMS replaced Java Message Queue? More importantly, which technology should a developer be using?

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