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Is it possible to integrate TIBCO system with EJB or, generally, with J2EE? Is this done through the JMS-TIBCO connector? Is it possible to deploy EJB directly on TIBCO?

Message expiry: I am sending (topic) messages with a TTL of 60 secs, but my durable consumer can pick these up upto approx(?) 120 secs later. Is this extended longevity the intended behaviour?

Is it possible to have multiple queue consumers on a single connection? I tried this creating multiple sessions but the messages often just go to the first listener I created on the queue and not the second.

Running SwiftMQ router as a service component inside JBoss. Does 3.0 provide better support to run the router as a component inside of an app server?

I am running some point-to-point performance tests using the latest SwiftMQ and notice that when the test is over and the code calls the QueueConnection.close() method it takes a very long time for this method to return. I have not seen this same behavior with other JMS vendors. Any idea why this is happening?

How can I integrate SwiftMQ 3.x into JBoss 3.x?

Can I restrict access between routers of a network, e.g. a router can only send to particular queues/topics of a remote router?

How are durable subscriptions handled in a router network?

My SwiftMQ router router1 is listening on port 4001. How do I change the port it listens on ?

Why do I get this message when I try to connect to a queue ?

What is a Swiftlet?

Does Tomcat support JMS (Java Messaging Service)?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

Where can I learn (more) about Java networking capabilities?

How do you pass a file from a message producer to a consumer using JMS?