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How can I execute multiple select queries with a single executeQuery()?

What is the JDBC equivalent of "ODBC Data Source Administrator" ODBC Data Source Administartor facilitates for selecting a driver and setting up all data source specific attributes to establish a connection to the data store(DSN). To incorporate such a functionality in my software, is there any counterpart which I can use for JDBC drivers?

I have an application that queries a database and retreives the results into a JTable. This is the code in the model that seems to be taken forever to execute, especially for a large result set:

How does one get column names for rows returned in a ResultSet?

What are the considerations for deciding on transaction boundaries?

What is the JDBC syntax for using a date literal or variable in a standard Statement?

Is there a standard JDBC means of creating a database?

How can I determine where a given table is referenced via foreign keys?

How can I get information about foreign keys used in a table?

Can I use JDBC to execute non-standard features that my DBMS provides?

Does anyone know of a JDBC driver for SQL Server 2000 that supports Windows Authentication?ase.

What is DDL?

What is DML?

What is the significance of DataBaseMetaData.tableIndexStatistics? How to obtain and use it?

What types of DataSource objects are specified in the Optional Package?

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