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If my mail server requires authentication to send messages, how do I set my username/password through the JavaMail API so I don't get a 'javax.mail.SendFailedException: 550 Relaying is prohibited' error?

Where can I get the source code for the JavaMail classes?

How do I encode the string that I want to send so that the message is mail safe?

How do I store messages locally using JavaMail?

How do I set up a default mime type for unknown file types using MimetypesFileTypeMap? At present when sending a message with an attached file of unknown file type a NullPointerException is thrown.

How can I use an Authenticator to prompt for username and password when reading mail from a IMAP/POP server?

Where do I place the JAR files so that I can use JavaMail from JSP?

How do I send an HTML content message through the JavaMail API?

How can I incorporate mail facilities into JSP pages?

Are there any other FAQs for JavaMail?

What are the distribution limitations of Sun's reference implementation?

How do you find out the text character set in the message body?

How do I use BCC to hide recipient addresses?

How do I efficiently send a bulk mailing, where I want to send mail out to lots of recipients, not all on the same TO/CC/BCC line?

How can I reply to a message?

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