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What is clustering? What are the different algorithms used for clustering?

I have the second edition of Richard Monson Haefels EJB book, and the examples don't work on JBoss (apparently due to a server bug).

Can a Session Bean be defined without ejbCreate() method?

Why the Session beans should not be re-entrant and the same way entity bean should be re-entrant? Why the container manages the thread synchronization then what is the point in having a separate property called re-entrant ?

Implementing an EJB CMP compound primary key?

Can I invoke Runtime.gc() in an EJB?

If X clients find the same entity bean, will there be X caches in the container?

What is the advantage of puttting an Entity Bean instance from the "Ready State" to "Pooled state"?

Can I map more than one table in a CMP?

Stateless Session Bean member variable modification. If a client is calling two methods f1() and f2() of a Stateless SB, one after another, is it possible that if f1() modified some member variable of the bean it may reflect in method f2().

Java and OR Mapping

EJB CORBA security issue. javax.naming.CommunicationException: org.omg.CORBA.NO_PERMISSION.

Why does the Sun j2EE Reference Implementation invoke ejbLoad() and ejbStore() twice in a row?

Storing the Remote Reference to a Stateless Session Bean. In an application with several Stateless Session EJB, we are debating the best approach with reference to performance on how to do the calls to our Stateless Session Beans.

The EJB specification says that we cannot use Bean Managed Transaction in Entity Beans. Why?

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