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What are the differences of Container Managed Persitence 1.1 and 2.0

How can I get the references of all active objects of a particular EJB class?

Are there any tools for porting EJB Applications from one Application Server to another?

The Singleton pattern is not permitted by the J2EE spec, so How can I cache EJB home interfaces across EJBs in my application and avoid having each EJB get its own home interfaces?

What is the default time for transaction manager? And how to set maximum time(timeout) for transaction?.

Is there some kind of Design pattern which would make it possible to use the Same code base in EJB and non EJB context?

What is the diffrence between ejbCreate() and ejbPostCreate() in EntityBean?

In a Session Bean, is opening database connection through resource reference the only way to go? I find it very hard. Are there alternatives?

My Finder query is extremly slow. After reviewing the Log files, it appears that the Bean is making an initial query to the database and then a separate query for each subsequent rows. Is there any way to get the Collection at once?

What is the best way to generate a universally unique object ID? Do I need to use an external resource like a file or database, or can I do it all in memory?

How can I use Connection Pool?

When should I adopt BMP and when I should use CMP? Can I use both of them?

Why there is no getEJBMetaData() function in EJBLocalHome?

Info about EJB, SNMP and SUN JDMK package.

Is it possible to integrate TIBCO system with EJB or, generally, with J2EE? Is this done through the JMS-TIBCO connector? Is it possible to deploy EJB directly on TIBCO?

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