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In my servlet, I need to setup a connection to remote CORBA object, can I still use " initialize orb and bind() mechanism". Is there anything I need to set for the web server.

What are the limitations of using CORBA in an applet/browser?

What is the relationship between Java2 ORB and RMI over IIOP? Do client applications writtern for Java2 ORB use RMI over IIOP under the cover?

What are some free CORBA products?

How does a CORBA server manage multiple requests?

What is marshaling?

What are some good web sites to learn more about CORBA (both in general and w.r.t. Java)?

What is a stringified object reference?

What are good CORBA books (both in general and w.r.t. Java)?

What naming service application is available for the Java 2 platform?

What newsgroups and mailing lists are available for CORBA discussion (both in general and w.r.t. Java)?

What online classes are available to learn more about CORBA?

If I have a factory object and say it instantiates an object per client and I have 100 clients. One of the clients diconnects, how would I know which object to dispose?

Do I really need to do boa.obj_is_ready(obj)/boa.deactivate_obj(obj). Will not orb.connect(obj)/orb.disconnect(obj) do?

I originally thought that I could control access to an object by returning a reference to it from another object. For instance, I have a FooFactory that returns a reference to a Foo that is unique for each client.

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