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An IDL file declares some structure types and one interface which has some methods taking structures as arguments. How will a client access these structures?

I am getting an exception at the following line when I try to run the server program.

Different CORBA products can interoperate using IIOP. But how does it actually work?

Are there any other FAQs available on CORBA?

I have some CORBA objects running on a server. Is there any way to start and shut down CORBA objects remotely? I use VisiBroker for Java 3.4.

Do the name service and the server have to run on the same machine? If they can run on different machines, how can the server contact the name service?

Where can I find the RMI CORBA extension API documentation?

How do I integrate SAP with CORBA?

How can I integrate CORBA with Visual Basic applications?

In RMI, while getting the remote reference, we specify the IP address of the host computer. How do we specify this in CORBA?

Is it possible to return types like eg java.awt.Image from a method defined in IDL without having to write some wrapper implementation to hold the values of the original variable?

To develop a distributed application using CORBA is it compulsory to use IDL?

What is the "evictor" pattern? Where can I find an implementation for Java and POA?

Is it possible to utilize EJB's from a legacy C++/Java CORBA client?

Where can I find idltojava for Linux?

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