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I usually need 'wrap="virtual"' as an attribute for my textareas. It isn't part of the HTML spec, but it's supported in both Netscape and IE, and it's pretty useful.

Why can't the Struts tags access the properties of my beans?

I have a simple question about localisation: If there is multiple users using the same localisation parameters : do  they share a common ResourceBundle instance or do they have their own  one. It seems to me that each user has his own ResourceBundle instance but does that affect the performance of the application.

How can I set the locale for each individual user session before the first  page displays? I've tried putting the session.setAtttribute(Action.Locale_key,<locale>) but it always displays in the default locale of the machine? Changing the machine locale causes the correct properties file to be used so I know that  is not the problem.

>Why aren't the Struts tags maintained as part of the Jakarta Taglibs project?

Is there a large degree of XML in Struts? Can you swap a stylesheet and switch form HTML to WML?

What's the difference between Jakarta Struts and Jakarta Turbine?

How can I contribute to the development of Struts?

Can Struts be used in a commercial product?

Can I use precompiled JSPs with Struts?

How do I authenticate users with Struts?

When do I need "struts.jar" on my classpath?

How do I install Struts?

Where I can I get a copy of Struts? 

Where can I get help with Struts?

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