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Can I have multiple form beans per action class? If YES how would the struts config file look like?

How should multiple button support be handled in Struts? Each button gets submitted with different text, but in order to separate the view from the controller that text should not appear in the Action. I'm curious how others have dealt with this situation.

Struts post-1.0 and Tomcat 3.2.x My post-1.0 version of Struts crashes on tomcat 3.2.x. What can I do about this?

Should we be chaining action servlets?

ActionErrors,ActionError about display the error message. In the strut example, we should new ActionError("error.password.mismatch")

Has anyone had luck using radio buttons?

Can we access members of an array like <form:select property="array[i]"> in a for loop... It works if I use constants but not expressions.. property="array[0]" is fine but not array[i] or array[<%=i>] for the property attribute of form:select. Any clues???

War file and directories structure for struts applications Could someone give me a sample structure of a simple application (2 or 3 jsp, 2 or 3 Action classes ...)

Page caching by overriding the getOutputStream() and getWriter() methods.

Form validation errors in different frame? Possible?

How do I switch to SSL mode for logon, and then back again for the rest of the session?

How do I install SSL for my container?

Does Struts work with a secure SSL connection?

In my Action subclass, rather than returning the results of mapping.findForward(...) I need to forward to a page determined at runtime. What is the *proper* way to forward to xxx.jsp? Should I construct an ActionForward? (tried that unsuccessfully).

How can I initialize custom "application scope" objects for use in a Struts application?

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