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How works the "/admin/reload.do" in struts?

I found the following methods in Action.java which I think may help to control the session ID. That means if the user submits the page and press the back button and submit the page again it will throw an error.

In order to run Struts, do I need to install a servlet container such as Tomcat?

Any html:multibox samples out there? Hi, can anybody please point me to a working sample using html:multibox?

I know you can specify header and footer in the prop file, but what if different pages have different needs in terms of displaying errors. E.g., In some cases its a list and in others I want sentences strung together with no header.

select tag and options tag. How do I use the same info, but different variables?

Switching the locale(language) of an application via a button on a page.

Maintaining form data across pages...

how to use a href in struts JSP?

What is URI? Can anybody help me What is URI please?

When the data is submitted back to the Action routine I see how it can arrive as an Action form.

When I'm on the JSP2, the url is that of the ActionClass1, so when I hit the reload button, the ActionClass1 is reloaded. (and I would like the ActionClass2 to be reloaded).How can I do ?

Can We use Servlets to Paint Screen instead of JSP's in Struts Framework, if Yes What are its Disadvantages,Modifications needed etc…

How can I use the "options" tag with a collection of options stored in my ActionForm bean?

Dynamic Form Elements

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