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Struts Tip #7 - Use Multibox to manage checkboxes

Struts Tip #6 - Use an array to capture multiple parameters

Struts Tip #5 - Use coarse-grained ActionForms

Struts Tip #4 - Formatting output with MessageResources

Struts Tip #3 - Use LookupDispatchAction for a JavaScript-free dispatch

Struts Tip #2 - Use DispatchAction to organize related operations

Struts Tip #1 - Use an ImageButtonBean to represent an image button.

Using Map instead of String properties with ActionForm.

Multiple params with html:link tag?

JUnit with singletons What do people think about adding the functionality into JUnit to enable one to load and unload singletons during tests. This can be very helpful, if, for example, several possible states of the singleton that cannot be achieved in succession need to be tested. I've come up against it recently.

Handling errors in file upload with struts

ActionForms and Value Objects - Repetition of Code?

I have a set of EJBs written, I am planning to create a prototype based on struts/MVC concept and I need to use some of the Business Logic Beaans [entity/session beasn] in to prototype implementation, please ealaborate me on this like where exactly those ejb beans be implemented/plugged in to incorporate the business logic?

Getter and setter functions of form bean work properly. also using the iterator tag, i am able to show values on the jsp page. but when the user changes those values and the control goes to the action class, the values are not changed inside the list.

I'm trying to setup a form that will populate with the information about a user (their name, address, etc.) I'm having trouble with this because I don't really understand how the ActionFormBeans work.

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