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iterate + link with 2 request parameters

Is it possible in the struts-config.xml to configure action mappings for simple JSP<->Servlets relations. a.k.a I have pages that don't make use of any form thus they don't need struts ... But I wonder if there is a way to configure simple JSP<->Servlets mapping (WITHOUT actionForm or bean form) - How do you do you guys???

Any examples(in books, links, articles et al) providing usage of ejbs with struts out there? I know it is possible and would be a good arch..but have not seen a single example to-date using the two.

Use optional forwarding to extend Actions

Struts Tip #12 - Use smart forwarding to create menuing systems

Struts Tip #13 - Use Display* helpers to convert or transform properties

Action Form getter methods and the user's locale. I posed a question a few days ago that I realize probably was not worded very clearly.

Struts Tip #11 - Use smart forwarding to dispatch actions

Outputting nested bean properties

Struts:Calling a Action Class from another Action class

I get a result set from a query which has id and description, now I have to show the it in select tag some thing like this

how can I determine the version of a struts.jar?

Struts Tip #10 - Use Struts JSP Tags to create dynamic JavaScripts

Struts Tip #9 - Use rewrite to reference HTML assets

Struts Tip #8 - Use result objects to transfer values

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