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Is there an example of writing a WebLogic CMP EJB that has a user-defined finder method with multiple parameters?

How can I get JBuilder to remotely debug my servlets/JSPs with the iPlanet server?

How do you deploy EJB components inside the J2EE Reference Implementation?

Where can I find comprehensive documentation/examples for JDBC Connection Pooling in WebSphere?

Where can I get information about migrating from WebSphere to WebLogic?

In CMP how can I define a finder method equivalent to a 'SELECT * FROM TABLE'? [RC - Please give reference to the particular AppServer you are using]

In WebLogic 4.51 and 5.x, what is the weblogic.system.executeThreadCount used for? What is its maximum and recommended value(s)?

Is there Any API for gathering performance data from the IBM WebSphere Application server 3.5 similar to how the Resource Analyzer does? If so, how?

What is the difference between Oracle IAS and Oracle 8i? and also can we use Oracle 8i instead of Oracle IAS and what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing so?

What are the free EJB containers available? Which version of the EJB specification do they support? Are they free for development and production?

Are there any WebSphere User Groups around?

From where can I subscribe to WebSphere Advisor magazine?

Who offers hosting of EJBs?

What are the features/limitations of Container Managed Persistnce with Weblogic 5.x. Are there any recommendations when using it?

Using Weblogic 5.1 - How can I extract runtime information about the server programatically ? I would like to gather the same information that the WebLogic console displays (e.g. connection pool information)

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