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How can I develop secure Microsoft ASP-based solutions?

Is there an example of how to configure the JRun 3.0 Application Server to use a 3rd Party JDBC Driver (for example the Oracle Thin JDBC Driver) ?

Does WebSphere support EJB 2.0?

Using the Inprise/Borland AppServer, is there an example of how to use "ejb-ref" references?

Where can I find the J2EE Builder tool for WebLogic Server 6.0 ? I have tried at the address http://developer.bea.com/circuit/code.html but the requested page was not found.

How can I set the EJB pool size in Orion Server?

How do I configure the deployment descriptor to obtain an URL Connection Factory in an EJB? Are there any specific examples for Borland AppServer?

How can I configure WebLogic and my EJB's to use IIOP?

How can I enable the EJB wizards inside JBuilder Enterprise without installing the Borland AppServer?

Is it possible to configure WebLogic to generate a new access.log file per day?

Which version of WebSphere App Server supports EJB 1.1?

Cluster weblogicss editing while promoting

How can I integrate Tomcat with JBoss?

When using JavaBeans from my JSP inside WebLogic, where should I place the JavaBean classes?

In a Weblogic CMP EJB, how to obtain the maximum value in the specified database column? In WLQL is there something similar to MAX() function in SQL?

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