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What's an elegant way to check whether a node is a PLUS node and then to lift its children to the parent PLUS node?

When I inherit rules from another grammar, the generated output parser actually includes the combined rules of my grammar and the supergrammar. Why doesn't the generated parser class just inherit from the class generated from the supergrammar?

Can you explain more about ANTLR's tricky lexical lookahead issues related to seeing past the end of a token definition into the start of another?

How can I include line numbers in automatically generated ASTs?

How can I handle characters with context-sensitive meanings such as in the case where single-quote is both a postfix operator (complete token) and the string delimiter (piece of a token)?

Why do these two rules result in an infinite-recursion error from ANTLR?

How do you specify the "beginning-of-line" in the lexer? In lex, it is "^".

How can I use ANTLR to generate C++ using only STL (standard templates libraries) in Visual C++ 5?

Why do I get a run-time error message "Access violation - no RTTI data" when I run a C++ based parser compiled with MS Visual Studio 6.0? It compiled ok. What about g++?

Could you describe the architecture behind jGuru.com: JSP, Servlets, database, servers, transactions etc...?

How can you add member variables to the parser/lexer class definitions of ANTLR 2.x?

How can I store the filename and line number in each AST node efficiently (esp for filename) in C++.

When will ANTLR support hoisting?

Is it possible to compile ANTLR to an executable using Microsoft J++?

How do you restrict assignments to semantically valid statements? In other words, how can I ignore syntactically valid, but semantically invalid sentences?

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