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Are there any other Java-based parser generators available?

Why does ANTLR generate an if-then-else for an optional subrule where the else-clause tests for what follows the subrule?

How can I make a lexer throw away characters until a rule is satisfied?

Using the heterogenous tree construction facility, how can I force all the AST nodes created be of type MyASTNode thereby doing away the required casting from AST*?

Where can I find older ANTLR distributions?

Has anyone constructed a grammar file for English, Spanish, or other natural language?

Are parsers generated by ANTLR thread-safe? Can I parse multiple inputs concurrently?

How do I signal the parser to bail out immediately upon detection of a syntax error, instead of trying to consume tokens until it resynchs?

How can I use the same lexer with multiple parsers?

Is there an ANTLR grammar/parser for language X?

How can I get AWK or SED type filtering behavior?

How do you design the parser to retain identifiers to check if the same identifier is being repeated later in the input?

Is it possible to parse/lex UNICODE characters with ANTLR?

How do I use a non-ANTLR-generated (C++) lexer into an ANTLR-generated parser?

Can a tree parser inherit from another tree parser?

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