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How do I detect end of stream in a non-blocking manner when reading a stream through URL/URLConnection, if available() reports nothing to read on end of stream?

How can I wake a thread that is blocked on a call to InputStream.read()?

What should you do such that an RMI server program can accept multiple clients and actually parallelize their execution?

Are there any good mailing lists to discuss multi-threading design issues?

Is there any way to communicate between two classes within an application using InputStreams and OutputStreams?

What is the difference between a lightweight and a heavyweight process?

What is "starvation" when used in the context of the Java threading model?

What is the difference between sleep(), wait() and suspend()?

How can I create ThreadGroups in applets running in Netscape 4.7 without generating security exceptions?

How do I properly stop a running thread, now that Thread.stop() has been deprecated?

What is a daemon thread? When should I use setDaemon() and why?

Why are the methods wait() and notify() defined in the Object class when they are used with Threads?

How can multiple threads be controlled simultanesously?

What are the different uses of the synchronized keyword?

When is a thread created?

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