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How do I create an SSL socket from a Java applet?

How can my application or applet programmatically use HTTPS to talk to a servlet? Can I do it with just the Java 2 SDK?

With JDK 1.2, what policies do I have to setup to grant the necessary permissions for RMI?

How can I accept a password from the console without an echo?

Where are the java.security classes in Netscape browsers?

Are there any computer viruses written in Java?

When I connect to a URL from my applet, I get a security exception, why?

What security model does the current Java CORBA from SUN support?

Can an applet start another program on the client machine?

Where can I get the signtool program to sign applets for Netscape browsers?

What is obfuscation?

What is SSL?

What is a digitally signed applet?

How do signed applets interact with a web browser?

Where can I get the Netscape capabilities classes so I can compile programs that use Netscape's Capabilities API?

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