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In Sun site and a few other websites, I find two types of downloads, FTP Download & HTTP Download. What is the difference and how to implement it? Also how to make a download resume supported for broken net connections?

When I try to send over socket it gets converted to on the client side.

How do I write a modem management program in Java?

How can I write a simple HTTP web server in Java?

My computer is mapped to more than one IP adress. From my program, how can I retrieve all the IP addresses the machine is mapped to?

In my JSP file i am trying to use getRemoteHost() method to retrieve the computer name. It works in all the systems. but in one machine instead of displaying that computer name it is displaying the IP address of that computer. I dont know why it is displaying like that. do i need to change any settings in that particular machine ?

I want to create auto-update application that is updateable over the network. Is there some library or framework for this purpose?

How to stop a thread which is waiting for a client socket connection?

How do I write a tunneling HTTP proxy in Java?

What is a "conditonal" GET method?

Where can I find example code for sending an SMS message from a Java application to a cellular phone?

How can I configure a socket for the best transfer speed?

How do I use https to retreive a page through a proxy server requiring a login/password?

I have around 5000 URL links. I want to check the HTTP status of each link.

I have around 10000 links in my database. Now I want to check it whether some of them are dead or not. How can I test whether an URL is live or dead?

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