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Where can I find information on using Purify to find leaks etc?

I m calling an DLL (written in VC) in java but there is DLL function which uses hWnd as parameter But Java does not support that type. So is there any way to use hwnd in Java? or Some body tell me how to make such complex data type in Java?

I want do call with JNI a C-DLL from a Servlet, but I got a java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError. As standalone-programm with an application it works perfect. When I analyse System-Calls, I found out, that the DLLs would be called, but the Wrapper-DLL would be closed, before the C-DLL are opened!!!

Where can i take a peek at the source code for java.exe?

I am writing an jni application in which i use java objects and these objects are created at run time,i don't know the identifiers in it. how can i access them from the native method?

It appears that the JNI routine "FindClass()" is incapable of finding those classes that inherit from another. Is this true? If not, why would "FindClass()" return success on some classes and not others within the same directory?

Hi, I am working with some very simple java code (with JDK1.3), but for some reason the javah command is not working and presenting the error:

I have an object that is calling a JNI function which written in C.

I have an object that is calling a JNI function which written in C.

Is there any way to have a Java program represented as an icon on Windows System Tray?

Has anyone developed a JNI class to create custom borders (masked edges) on a java.awt.Window (or better yet: javax.swing.JWindow)?

How can I access variables of the windows registry from my Java component residing on a weblogic server?

i am working on a JExplorer using swing. When i click a particular file, the appropriate application should be opened. For example, for filename.doc windows word application should be opened. This seems possible,if i access windows registry. please let me know whether any Java API is available for this or have i to go for JNI.

How can i do an ICMP ping from Java code?

Is there an Ada binding for JNI?

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