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Need to call dll without any source code on the dll

Parameters to Java Exceptions from C/C++ shared library So far, i can fill only one string to ThrowNew but my derived exception class in Java could accept 2 [int] and 2 [String].

i want to ask if there is any possibility how to map C struct to Java using JNI. I need to move some data provided in struct to Java application using JNI.

Are there any environment variables that can help me diagnose problems with my JDK/JRE configuration?

What is JVMDI? Where can i find more information about JVMDI?

What is JVMPI? Where can i get more information about it?

Is it possible to call a DLL which is residing on NT server from a Java program which is residing on UNIX server using JNI?.

Creating Shared Library: I am trying to write the HelloWorld program using JNI, but have a problem in creating the shared library.

How to map C++ char**, int* and Enum types in Java?

How do I run my java file through Visual C++ Debugger.

I have a C++ function that uses NewStringUTF like so:

How can i manually unload a library that i load using System.loadLibrary command without close browser.

Need to call a C++ method which takes user defined classes as arguments (for ex: calculateSalary(Employee[] empVector)).

"required mapping already in use": When using JNI, what is the essence of the error message "lib___.so: required mapping 0x10000 size 0xcc00 is already in use by file /bin.../native_threads/java (lib___.so)", where lib___.so is the C module compiled into a dynamic loadable library?

How can I use JNI/Java from PERL?

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