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Vectors in JNI... Any Victors???

For JNI on windows we use VC++ compiler. I want to know to use JNI on Linux which compiler has to be used?

can I call activex control developed in VB/VC in java using JNI? Is it possible to call activex control developed in VB/VC from JAVA and if yes how?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

Where can i get information on writing JNI apps on Mac OS X?

Where can i get information regarding JNI on HP-UX?

Multiple jvms - I wish to create plugins for a software. Each plugin will be a C library creating a jvm and calling the classes needed.

How can I discover the current process ID from Java?

How can i integrate PHP and Java Code?

Are there any download-able books on JNI?

What tools are available to run my java code as an NT Service?

How can i use JVMPI to trace all the classes loaded by a Java program?

Is JNI able to be multi-processing? and How can I receive Unicode from C-DLL?

I want with a java programm to call functions from a dll in c.

What are the issues involved in Shipping my own JRE with my Java/JNI application?

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