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Can i use JDI to monitor which the classes that are being loaded and information about which classloader is being used to load each of the classes?

Is there a sample that shows how to use JVMPI's GetCurrentThreadCpuTime to get accurate profiling information?

Am using JNI_CreateJavaVM to embed a VM in my application. But i want to allow users to set switch between "hotspot", "classic" and "server". How does java.exe and javaw.exe implement this?

How can i use JNI with WebSphere Application Server (WAS)?

Where can i get samples on how to use Java Debug Interface?

How can i check the status of a java Thread using JVMDI? (for deadlocks etc.)

When reloading a servlet that uses JNI, why do I get "java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library D:WINNTmynamesearch.dll already loaded in another classloader"?

Is there a COM Bridge that lets Windows developers create native client applications that access Enterprise JavaBeansTM (EJBTM) components deployed on a J2EE App server?

setuid using JNI? Is there an article/sample to show how to use setuid from my java program?

Is there a list of articles on JNI (at Java Developers Journal)?

List of articles on JNI (at JavaWorld)?

How to get the window handle under the Microsoft JVM?

Where can I find the COM and Microsoft Agent classes, so I can use MS agent text-to-speech engines ???

i want to place my java application in the task bar…

Is there a sample for JDK1.4's undocumented sun.misc.Unsafe class?

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