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When was JDK 1.1 released?

When was Java 1.0 released?

What is the difference between variable arity and vararg methods?

If you have a series of objects with a circular reference, can they be garbage collected?

What are the differences between a shallow clone of an object and a deep clone?

How do I check if a String is empty?

Does Java support covariant return types?

What are covariant return types?

How do I configure a default handler for exceptions that happen in all threads?

From within a method, how do I access a variable length argument?

Can I have a variable length argument at a position other than the last one?

How do I create a method that accepts a variable number of arguments?

Where can I find Java 6, aka Mustang?

Using Reflection, how do I find out if a field is enumerated ?

Is null a keyword?

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