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How can I represent monetary values in Java? Should I use double or float?

How can I multiply two double numbers without loss of precision?

How do you use the @Override annotation?

What are the differences between instance methods and class methods?

How do you use the ternary operator?

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space What does this error mean and how can I correct it?

I have an interface that is implemented by 100 classes, if I add a method to the interface will my classes compile? How can I fix any errors?

What is the main use of the ResourceBundle class? Can it be used instead of the Properties class? If so what are the advantages?

Java doesn't allow operator overloading yet + is overloaded for class String. Is it possible to overload operators? Why doesn't Java allow operator overloading?

Can Java handle nested switch statements?

Is it possible to get a file's creation date in Java?

When was J2SE 5.0 released?

When was J2SE 1.4 released?

When was J2SE 1.3 released?

When was Java 2 released?

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