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Where can I learn (more) about jGuru and how it works?

What is a magic number?

I'm looking for better date-time handling classes. Where can I find it?

Does Java work with Windows Vista?

What does Class<String> mean?

What does Class<String> mean?

What is the natural ordering of a Boolean? Does FALSE come first or second?

What version of J2SE must I use to deal with the changes US daylight savings time in 2007?

My application is using the the classes from some jar file.

What's the difference between a transient and non-transient exception?

How can I find the dates of all the weekend days in a year?

For loading and registering a driver you should use Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"), but I have used JdbcOdbcDriver j=new JdbcOdbcDriver() and I still get a connection. Why is this so? Why should I use Class.forName("");

How can I format an int to contain a set amount of characters? If the set amount of characters is 6 and the int == 12345 then it should become 012345.

Please explain the differences between instanceof and isInstance(Object obj).

What is the reserved keyword transient used for?

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