JavaLanguage Section Index | Page 34

What is the identifier length limit with Java?

What happened to the private protected modifier?

Why do I not have to import the classes in the java.lang package?

What is a final method?

What is a final class?

How do I find out all the installed packages?

Where can I get the Java Language Specification (JLS)?

How can I get the number of days that have elapsed between two Date objects?

When should I use an interface instead of an abstract class?

How does garbage collection work?

How can I implement destructors in Java?

How can I force garbage collection to take place?

What's the difference between the ">>" and ">>>" operators?

What are the differences between the == operator and the equals() method?

From an inner class, "this" points to the inner object. How do I get a "this" pointer to the enclosing object?

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