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How do I set a system property when using an executable jar (one with an entry of Main-Class: ClassName)?

What's the serialver syntax to get the serialVersionUID of an array?

How can I implement the Unix "cksum" command in Java?

Is there any method in Java that will convert hexadecimal characters to binary characters?

How do I write something in the end of a file? Do I have to read the entire file first putting it into a buffer and then write it all again in a file with the line I want to write in the end? Or I can directly write in the end of the file?

Where can I learn (more) about Java's support for developing multi-threaded programs?

Where can I learn (more) about Java networking capabilities?

How do I change the working directory of a program from inside Java? Can I use "user.dir"?

Why are there two type of I/O in Java, namely byte streams and character (Reader/Writer) streams?

What is the correct order of ObjectInputStream ObjectOutputStream creation on the client and the server when sending objects over a network connection?

How can I write a text document in PDF format?

How can I read a single character from the keyboard without having to press the 'enter' button and without using GUI classes like KeyListener?

How can I print colored text from Java to a terminal such as the Linux console?

Are there any third-party Java classes that support reading and interacting with SVG files?

How can I examine or change file permissions and ownership using Java?

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