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How do I convert between ByteBuffer and a CharBuffer using Java 1.4?

How do I map a file into memory using the New I/O capabilities in Java 1.4?

How are the mark() and reset() methods used with InputStream classes?

How do I read a zip file over the network from a URL through a ZipInputStream?

How can I detect if there is a floppy in the floppy drive using Java?

How do you filter the result of the list() method of the File object?

How do I get a listing of all the files in a directory and its sub-directories?

How do I display the Euro symbol?

Why aren't printing-related topics covered in the I/O FAQ? It seems like an I/O issue.

How do I create a zip file and add more than one entry to the zip file?

What is piped I/O used for?

Is there an easy way of counting line numbers? Or do you have to go through the entire file?

What are the practical differences, in terms of performance and functionality, between ZipInputStream/ZipOutputStream and GZIPInputStream/GZIPOutputStream?

My C program opens a pipe and gets a file descriptor. Then it start a JVM with JNI and sends the file descriptor to the Java side. Is it now possible for me to write data to this pipe using the file descriptor from the Java code?

I'm creating a zip file using the java.util.zip package. The created zip file has to be spilt, if it exceeds a size limit. How can I do this splitting of the file?

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