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How can I process through the keys of a Hashtable in sorted order?

How do I create a read-only collection?

How do I look through each element of a HashMap?

How does a Hashtable internally maintain the key-value pairs?

What's the fastest way to traverse all the elements of a Vector?

Is there a way to create a homogenous collection in Java? How do I make a collection where all the elements within it are a specific data type?

What collection works best for maintaining a family tree, where each node can have multiple parents and multiple children, spouse relationships, etc.?

How can I save/load application settings that I would normally use .ini files or the Windows Registry?

How can I implement a List (ordered collection) that keeps an index (i.e. a Map) of its contents?

How do I sort an array?

How do I get the list of system properties that tell me things like which version of Java a user is running and their platform-specific line separator?

How can I speed up array accesses and turn off array bounds checking?

How do I get the length of an array?

How do I do a case-sensitive sort in a language-insensitive manner?

How do I synchronize a collection?

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