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What is the default initial size for a Hashtable / HashMap?

Where can I find implementations of third-party collection libraries?

How can I implement a priority queue in Java? Has anyone created an open source version?

How does ArrayList increase its capacity?

What is the minimum number of key-value pairs for which it makes sense to use a HashMap, as opposed to using a pair of arrays (one for keys, the other for values) with brute-force key searches?

What is a weak reference and what are they used for?

When I wrap a collection to be read-only or synchronized, why can't I call any of the collection methods via reflection without getting an IllegalAccessException?

Since Properties extends Hashtable, can I use the Hashtable methods to add elements to a Properties list?

What is meant by compatible equals() and hashCode() methods?

Why can't I add a collection to itself?

How can you retrieve the Hashtable's load factor?

When did Strings start caching their hash codes?

How to sort the messages in JavaMail?

How do I make a collection where all the elements within it are a specific data type?

How do you control growth of vectors when their internal arrays are full?

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