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What is the difference between a JavaBean and a traditional AWT object?

What is a serialized bean?

How do I create my own events to pass between objects?

What are pros/cons of instantiating a swing object using "new" vs. using "Beans.instantiate"?

When using the beanbox in the BDK to hook up events, the intermediate dialog box does not close and the class files do not get generated. What's wrong?

What is JBCL?

How can i embed ActiveX controls inside a Java Application?

What is the difference between Java Beans and just normal classes?

How do I set up a default mime type for unknown file types using MimetypesFileTypeMap? At present when sending a message with an attached file of unknown file type a NullPointerException is thrown.

Where can I find "off-the-shelf" JavaBeans?

How do I embed a JavaBean in an ActiveX container?

How do you make a JavaBean which has a static size?

Why do we need a no argument constructor in a JavaBean component?

What distinguishes a JavaBean from a Servlet?

How do I register a customizer for a JavaBean component?

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