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Are there any third-party Java classes that support reading and interacting with SVG files?

How can I read the status of the Caps Lock key?

How can I come back to the default situation after using setEchoChar('*') in AWT's TextField?

Can I prevent a frame from being maximized?

How do you change the cursor over a JApplet? It seems to be different than for an Applet.

How do I change the cursor over an Applet?

If I want a user to modify the font.properties file for an applet to display a non-standard font, what do I need to tell the user to do so they modify the Java runtime that comes with the browser (no Plugin)?

How can I add depth to my AWT components to allow components to overlap each other when needed like JLayeredPane in Swing components?

How can I find out which component is in which region of a BorderLayout? Is there any way to ask?

Can I use wildcards(like *) inside Runtime.exec() to execute grep command?

How can I draw smooth curves for graphs using the Graphics class?

Can a Java application detect 2 keys pressed at the same time?

Is it possible to identify the numeric pad enter key has been pressed without using native mechanisms?

How can I make editable combo boxes in AWT?

How can I detect that a Polygon is intersects with a Rectangle?

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