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How do you detect if the Java Plug-in is installed from JavaScript?

How can I detect the space used by the warning bar of a window created by an untrusted applet?

Can I display a PNG image in an applet?

Why am I getting a securityy exception when calling System.getProperties()?

In Java 1.4, can applets enable and disable assertions?

How do you play audio data contained in a byte[]?

Are applets covered on the Java certification exams?

Why can't I load an applet class from the parent directory?

What purpose does the getParameterInfo() method serve?

What purpose does the getAppletInfo() method serve?

My applet runs fine with appletviewer but not in the browser, what can be the problem?

What's this rumor I hear about not needing to convert HTML when I use the Java Plugin?

Can Images respond to mouse events?

How can I show an Acrobat (PDF) file within an applet?

How do I specify a JAR file when using the OBJECT tag with the Java Plug-in?

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