Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals is only the sixth episode of Netflix’s streaming series. Fans who have binge-watched it are already curious if there’s a second season.

After being implicated in a public scandal, Prince Wilhelm, a Swedish prince, is moved to a prestigious boarding school.

While he gets to know the country’s elite teens, he soon realizes that he can only look at Simon, a scholarship recipient who is often looked down upon by the student body.

Season one was a surprise ending that left plenty of room for a second season.

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When is the Young Royals season 2 release date?

There is no official Young Royals Season 2 release date yet. Netflix won’t confirm the existence of a second season until then. Netflix tends not to release new seasons for their popular TV shows every year. Young Royals season 2 should be released around July 2022.

As with Young Royals season 1, season 2 will include six episodes each of 45 minutes.

Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals Season 2: Plot details

Young Royals Season one concluded with several loose strings. The next chapter will have enough material. Wilhelm discovering August’s participation in the sex tape with Simon and Prince. It also revealed the Queen knew August was involved with the leak of the tap. She resisted speaking about the matter due to family reasons. The future season may shed some light on Wilhelm’s turbulent relationship with the Queen. In addition, the upcoming season could reveal a deeper connection between Simon and the Prince. All of this means that there will be a lot more drama in the sequel. We look forward to Young Royals Season 2 being announced.

Who will be in the Young Royals season 2 cast?

If it is renewed, it seems like all the favorite actors from the original season of Young Royals will be back. Omar Rudberg, (Simon), and Edvin Ryding will return to bring more romance and drama. We also expect Malte Gardinger in August, Frida Argento in Sara, Nikia Uggla in Felice, and Natalie Varli to return.

Not to mention that Carmen Gloria Perez should be returned as Sara and Simon’s mother Linda. Pernilla August should also return as Wilhelm’s mother, Queen Kristina. Ivar Forsling won’t likely return to Wilhelm’s family now that Prince Erik is gone. He might still star in flashbacks, however.

We are hopeful that the show will feature other supporting characters, as well as introduce us all to some new cast members.