Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals is only just available on Netflix, but viewers who have binge-watched all six parts are already wondering whether there’s a second series.

The story of Prince Wilhelm, a Swedish prince who is caught up in a scandal and moves to a prestigious boarding school. He rubs shoulders with the nation’s elite teens, but as the series progresses, he only sees Simon, a scholarship student who’s been looked down upon by most of the student body.

Release date

Season 2 of this show has yet not received formal confirmation. Season 2 has received no official confirmation from the show’s creators. However, there are reasons to believe that season two will be released. Young Royals Season 1’s final episode will show that the story has not been finished. This season will be repeated. Shows of a similar nature – to all those boys, kissing booth, etc. were added to the series with additional seasons. This suggests that the show’s creators were willing to leave the story unfinished so that they could bring it back for a second season.

Young Royals Season 2

“Young Royals” Season 2 Cast

Netflix will order a second season of Young Royals. This will bring back all of the show’s main characters. Edvin Ryding will also return to the show as Prince Wilhelm. Pernilla August will play Wilhelm’s mother, Queen Kristina. Frida Aug will play Sara, Samuel Astor returns as Nils, Malte Gardinger and Omar Rudberg return to play August.

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What is the storyline of Young Royals?

Young Royals stands out in a long line of Netflix Originals featuring teenage romantic dramas. Season 1 revolves around Prince Wilhelm’s life at Hillerska, a new boarding college. When life forces him to choose between following his heart or living life to the fullest, he will have to make a difficult decision. Young Royals is the series’s creator Lisa Ambjorn. It shows teens in chaos and dilemma.

Season 1 was completed with six episodes. Each episode concluded in 40-50 minutes.