Young Royals Season 2

Netflix recently welcomed the first Icelandic original television series to its library. The company has decided to keep Netflix in Northern Europe (the vast area that can easily be identified with the name Scandinavia) but to move a little further west, to the continental region. . is a section that has already been given to users of this platform titles such Ragnarok. Christmas with an Unknown. Quicksand. Love & Anarchy.

We are dealing with Young Royals, which is a Swedish production. Its first season was available on Netflix as of July 1st. The service has not yet made any statements about the future. It has, however, renewed previously unreleased titles like The Witcher. These are usually titles in which it is obvious that the streaming giant has made a significant investment and has high expectations.

Over the next few weeks, we will find out what Young Royals means for the public. We also will determine if there is still room for Season 2. The TV series debuted in the Top Ten but did not last long. This was a show about the teenage coming-of-age story.

The protagonist is the heir-to-the Swedish throne. After he arrives in Hillerska’s private school, he has the chance to explore who and what kinda life he would like. So he dreams of a future of unconditional love and freedom, free from any obligations. However, soon he must deal with his obligations.

Young Royals season 2 release date

has contacted Netflix, but while a representative told us it’s too soon to confirm the second season of Young Royals, the streamer isn’t ruling out a follow-up. We’ll keep this page up-to-date with any news.

Young Royals Season 2

Young Royals season 2 cast

Young Royals could be renewed by Netflix to air a second episode. This would mean that all the cast members would return.

Edvin Ryding, a young Swedish actor plays Prince Wilhelm. His credits include Gasmamman’s Love Me and Froken Frismans Keurig.

PernillaAugust (The Investigation) portrays Wilhelm’s mother. Malte Gardinger is August, Frida Agento (Sara), Nikita Unitedggla (Felicie), Samuel Astor, and Omar Rudberg are the rest of the cast.

Young Royals season 2 plot

In the Young Royals’ season one finale, Wilhelm chooses to serve royal duty above his love: after a sex tape he and Simon are leaked online by the royal’s cousin August, Wilhelm publicly denies that it is him in this video, betraying Simon.

Simon hears his hopes for a secret romance and he tells him that. Simon breaks the news to Simon.

However, the last episode shows that they still have feelings for one another despite Wilhelm’s decision of obeying his mother (the queen) and prioritizing his new role in the Crown Prince’s household.

Furthermore, they will both continue to attend Hillerska University as students. We will see if they reunite.

If the series were renewed for a second season, the plot would likely continue as it did in season 1. Perhaps, it would start with the beginning of the term after the Christmas break.

In addition to Wilhelm’s relationship with Simon, the series would probably also address August’s betrayal.