Betting on yellow cards is one of the most frequent options on the football betting source GH. Violations in games make football fans more emotional. So, an enormous number of bettors prefer yellow card betting, believing it’ll bring more profit. Here are the main types and rules of betting on yellow cards.

When Yellow Cards Are Given in Football

Before betting on yellow cards, you need to understand when football players can receive them. Yellow cards are shown for:

  • Deliberate playing with the hand.
  • Stalling of time.
  • Disruption of an opponent’s attack.
  • Rough play.
  • Unsportsmanlike behavior (insulting other athletes, arguments with the referee, taking off the jersey while celebrating a goal).
  • Simulation.
  • Striking after the whistle (while fixing offside or after stoppage of play).
  • Entering the field without the referee’s permission.

It is the referee’s decision whether to give a yellow card to a player. Each referee can interpret the episode in his own way, due to which there are many disputes and disagreements in football.

Types of Bets on Yellow Cards

Bookies offer a lot of bets on yellow cards, including bets on the total, handicap, outcome, which player will get a yellow card, at what time it will be shown, etc. Here are the main bets on yellow cards.

Total Yellow Cards

It’s the number of yellow cards got by the athletes during a certain time. For example, there are the following totals:

  • Total in the 1st half.
  • Total in the 2nd half.
  • Individual total of the first team.
  • Individual total of the second team.

Betting on the Result of the Match by Yellow Cards

You bet on the team that will get more warnings. Besides victories of one of the teams and draws, bookmakers offer double outcomes.

Betting With Handicaps on Yellow Cards

A handicap is the advantage or lag of one of the teams in the number of yellow cards. For example, the bet “Yellow Cards. Handicap – First Team (-1.5)” will win if the players of the First Team receive 2 more warnings than the players of the Second Team.

Live Betting on Yellow Cards

You can bet on yellow cards not only before the match but also during the game. There is an opportunity to assess the nature of the match and make an accurate prediction.

Yellow Cards for Particular Players

Often yellow cards are given to fullbacks and holding midfielders. The opponent’s quick wingers often beat the defenders and force them to commit a foul. As for holding midfielders, their primary job is to break up attacks. They spend a lot of time in the struggle, in which they risk getting a yellow card.

Time When the Yellow Card Will Be Shown

Bookmakers offer several time slots, for example, from 60 to 75 minutes. If a yellow card is shown in the match during this time, the bet will win.

How to Choose a Match to Bet on Yellow Cards

Before you bet on yellow cards in a match, you need to analyze and choose the right match. Here are 7 factors that affect the number of cautions:

  • The principle of the match. Matches between principled opponents are most often full of emotions, which are accompanied by rough play and arguments with the referees. When choosing a suitable match for the bet “Yellow Cards – Total More” you need to consider the important confrontation.
  • Statistics. Many analytics services allow you to see the statistics of teams on yellow cards. If teams often foul and get a lot of yellow cards, then it is worth considering the “Total More” bet.
  • Referee. Football referees can evaluate game episodes in different ways. Some referees let the teams fight and get their yellow cards, and there are referees who take control of the game from the first minute.
  • Team lineups. Check team lineups for tough players who regularly get yellow cards. It is important to have fast attacking players, capable of creating tempo at the other team’s goal.
  • Game nature. It can be determined by the first minutes. If the teams play cautious football, it is better to place the “Yellow Card – Total Under” bet at half-time or match. Remember that a goal or suspension can dramatically affect the game. Having conceded a goal, the team can go on the attack without looking back at the gate and force the opponent into open football.
  • Weather and field conditions. Poor fields affect the quality of football: the ball is slow, the game is mostly played in fights, interrupted by the referee’s whistle. More fights, more offenses, more cards.
  • Bookmaker rules. Bookmakers have different rules concerning yellow cards. Study the conditions carefully before placing a bet. For example, some bookmakers don’t count cautions received by coaches and players on the bench.

3 Yellow Card Betting Strategies in Football

Yellow Cards After 80 Minutes

Odds: 1.70 – 1.90, but no more than 2.2

These leagues aren’t suitable: all German leagues, women football, youth teams, doubtful championships.

Match Criteria:

  • Importance of the game (both teams aim to win).
  • In the 1st half, there were not over 2 yellow cards.
  • The match has an intrigue. One team has a preponderance of 1 goal to 80 minutes.
  • The draw in the match, a big advantage of 2-3 goals, isn’t suitable.
  • By 80 minutes, there are 20 fouls (desirable, but unnecessary).

If the match satisfies all criteria, the player bets that there will be one more yellow card in the match.

A Yellow Card in the 1st Half

These leagues are suitable: top leagues (France, Italy, Spain, England) except for Germany.

Selection criteria:

  • Importance of the match (teams play to win).
  • No yellow cards for 25 minutes.
  • By 25 minutes, at least 10 fouls.

Overshoot of Yellow Cards in the 1st Half

Selection criteria:

  • Top leagues, except for Bundesliga.
  • In the 1st half, there were 4-5 yellow cards.

All in all, it’s better to test these strategies with small amounts first, and then choose the best solution.