• The match took place during broadcasts of the event via WWE Network and pay-per-view.
  • Orton came out with his head held high despite the fact that the fight did not present any result

During the TLC 2020 broadcasts on WWE Network, superstars  Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt faced off in a Firefly Inferno Match that ended with “The Fiend” totally charred.

The showdown was the main event of the most recent pay-per-view round. The Fiend started the match by taking full dominance by not selling “The Viper” attacks. After connecting Sister Abigail, Bray Wyatt activated hell in the Thunderdome and the stands surrounding the ring were engulfed in flames. The creature attempted to attack its rival with a flaming leash and a picket, but Orton managed to dodge these attacks successfully.

After escaping from a burning chair, Randy Orton achieved a great counterattack by hanging “The Fiend” with a chain and bringing him close to the fire. When Bray Wyatt managed to connect his Mandible Claw, Randy reversed the maneuver by taking him into the flames. Bray Wyatt was completely burned up until he reached the ring and passed out completely. “The Viper” did not hesitate twice and doused his opponent’s body with gasoline. A single match was enough to bathe the demon’s immobile body in fire, which he watched carefully as he left the ring to close tonight’s broadcasts.

Randy Orton went on the hunt for The Fiend

After “The Fiend” cost him a new opportunity at the WWE Championship, Randy Orton was invited to an edition of A Moment of Bliss. “The Viper” clarified that he would not fall for Bray Wyatt’s mind games, and as has happened in 2017 he can only defeat him if he finds his weak point. After identifying Alexa as Wyatt’s weakness, “The Fiend” appeared to confront Orton.

After the physical altercation that both superstars suffered last Monday. this confrontation was reconfirmed under the stipulation “Firefly Inferno”. Bray Wyatt was ambushed by Randy Orton outside the ThunderDome on December 14. After locking Bray in a wooden box, “The Viper” began dousing it with gasoline and threw a lighter at it to set it on fire. The burning box was opened revealing “The Fiend”, who escaped unscathed to connect his Mandible Claw and knock Orton unconscious.