• The match took place during broadcasts of the event via WWE Network and pay-per-view.
  • Jey Uso interfered several times during the fight

During the TLC 2020 broadcasts through WWE Network, superstar Roman Reigns managed to retain the Universal Championship after defeating Kevin Owens in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match.

The match was the penultimate ante of the most recent pay-per-view match. “KO” retaliated weeks of punishment by attacking Roman by surprise as he was about to hang the title on high. Jey Uso did not take long to appear to provide a response but was quickly intercepted with a Superkick and several silletazos. While Jey was taken away by the officers with a leg injury, “The Big Dog” took advantage of the instance to get up and return the punishment. After a painful exchange with various objects, it seemed that Kevin Owens would manage to steal the title from Roman Reigns.

However, Jey Uso limped back into the ring and stopped the rival of “The Big Dog” and then provided the latter with various objects at ringside. Owens provided signs of life with another Superkick for use and a Stunner for Reigns but was stopped by several attacks on tables and stairs inside the ring. “KO” kept going no matter what hit he took, drawing Roman’s ire in the process. A Powerbomb against the table gave Owens hope, but a distraction from Jey was enough for Reigns to connect his Guillotine and drop the belt from the heights.

YouTube video

In this way, Roman Reigns retains the WWE Universal Championship. Recall that “The Big Dog” won the title 112 days ago at the Payback 2020 event. On that day of August 30, Reigns defeated Braun Strowman and “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in a No Holds Barred match to obtain the championship for the second time in his career.

Kevin Owens faced Roman Reigns on SmackDown

Several weeks ago we saw Kevin Owens taking on Jey Uso at the SmackDown central event. The two superstars competed for several minutes until Jey Uso decided to take a chair and attack “KO” from behind. The latter was declared the winner by disqualification, but his discontent led him to connect a Stunner over that of “The Usos”. Kevin Owens began an extensive punishment against his rival while launching multiple threats at Roman Reigns in front of the camera.