We started a new edition of WWE NXT with a non-title confrontation of the leader of “The Way”.

Dexter Lumis Vs. Johnny Gargano 

Johnny falls to Lumis’s blows. He tries a surprise attack, but Austin Theory gives him away and his partner loses control of the fight. Gargano takes distance at ringside and manages to connect the first attacks on his rival. Lumis is seen surrounded by The Way and is distracted by a Dropkick from his opponent. Lumis regains the advantage after the commercial break and crashes his opponent’s body into the canvas multiple times. The two exchange keys and Gargano receives a Spinebuster. The Way creates a distraction and Austin pulls a chair closer to the ring. The latter is intimidated by Dexter’s gaze and does not prevent his partner from receiving the Silence. Gargano passes out and the bell rings.
Winner: Dexter Lumis by surrender

William Regal searches for Santos Escobar outside the Capitol Wrestling Center. Wade Barret plays the role of correspondent tonight, looking for the interim cruiserweight champion. Remember that if Escobar does not appear, he will be stripped of his title. We remember that MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter) will face Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch for the NXT Team Championships next week. Grizzled Young Veterans Attack MSK! The two fighters look badly damaged behind the scenes.

Tyler Rust and Leon Ruff approach the ring for the next match. Isaiah Swerve Scott Ruff attacks before the fight! As Scott walks away, Bivens raises Rust’s arm in victory. Attempting to imitate an old Ted DiBiase segment, Cameron Grimes unsuccessfully attempts to humiliate an employee backstage. Enraged at having failed, Grimes storms off the scene. Commentators confirm that Kyle O’Reilly has suffered an injury loss after last week’s attack.

Zoey Stark Vs. Io Shirai

The two women struggle until Shirai manages to trap her opponent in a back lock. The champion dominates until Zoey catches her in a 619 and takes her to ringside. Io climbs for a jump, but her opponent pushes her out of the ring. Shirai regains dominance after a commercial break. Zoey connects a great German Suplex, but Io recovers again and connects 619 followed by a Dropkick from the third string. The champion escapes the attacks and smashes Stark’s head against the cornerback. Shirai’s Moonsault for the win.
Winner: Io Shirai on account of three

Io shows respect to his opponent, but Toni Storm appears to interrupt them. She clarifies that she has not been defeated in a titular heads-up and that Shirai did not make a heads-up official between the two for fear of her fate. She shows him that she is not afraid and accepts a match for the NXT Women’s Championship!

The Way departs from the Capitol Wrestling Center. After Austin Theory claims to have nothing against Dexter Lumis and Indi expresses a romantic interest in the latter, Johnny Gargano decides that he will send Theory to therapy.

Xia Li (With Boa) Vs. Kacy Catanzaro (With Kayden Carter)

Xia goes straight to Kacy before the bell rings. The two women struggle until Li catches her rival and the star against the ropes. She manages to overcome the key until she is cornered and receives a Dropkick. Catanzaro is crashed into the steel ladder and Xia stomps her leg savagely. He grabs Kacy’s hair and leads her to the ring. The referee decides that the latter cannot continue the fight.
Winner: Xia Li by referee decisionXia throws one last kick to Kacy’s head and warns Kayden Carter that she’s next on his list.

Santos Escobar has yet to appear in the building and his reign as interim cruiserweight champion is beginning to be questioned. We remember that Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzales will face Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships next week.

Before the next fight, Grizzled Young Veterans confirm that Wes Lee will be on leave with an arm injury. The fight for the NXT Tag Team Championships is in doubt. Combat Team

Grizzled Veterans Young (Zack Gibson And James Drake) Vs. Drake Maverick And Killian Dain

Killian helps his partner by throwing him against his rivals at ringside before the commercial break. GYV dominates until Killian takes over. The fighter knocks down all of his opponents and leaves Maverick alone against Drake. Gibson takes over and helps his partner, but Dain enters the ring and avoids the account. GYV leaves the giant at ringside and connects the Ticket to Mayhem.
Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans on the count of three

Io Shirai against Toni Storm is confirmed for the NXT Women’s Championship for next March 10. No Disqualification

Match Karrion Kross Vs. Santos Escobar

We finally, see Legado del Fantasma making his arrival at the Capitol Wrestling Center. Carrion Kross’s entrance rings out on center stage, but the wrestler decides to search the parking lot for his opponent on his own. A truck takes him away, but Escobar takes advantage and closes the door in his hands. Legacy of the Phantom helps their leader and the three leave Kross badly injured. The latter is taken inside the CWC but manages to recover by destroying the barricade with the bodies of Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde. Kross takes the advantage but is stopped by the cruiserweight champion and thrown against the steel ladder.

After the commercial, Escobar continues to attack his opponent’s arm with the chair. Carrion recovers after receiving a padlock to the arm and connects a Side Suplex on the cruiser champion. Wilde saves Escobar from a chair hit to the head but does not prevent his rival’s offense. Second Side Suplex, this time on the commentary table. Kross finished with his elbow to the nape of Santos for the victory.
Winner: Carrion Kross on the count of three

LA Knight speaks again in front of the cameras. He clarifies that his debut will be when he wants it, and once he makes his first impression, it will be the first step to his success.

Adam Cole comes on stage to the chagrin of the audience. He clarifies that the NXT Championship is very important to him, and he was feeling tired of watching Kyle O’Reilly fail over and over again. Noting that he is feeling regretful, he sends O’Reilly a message: “I admit I made a mistake, and I feel stupid for what I did to you. The leader of Undisputed Era promises to do everything possible to fix everything that happened, but Roderick Strong confronts him by telling him that he does not understand what is happening. Undisputed Era was built on trust, and you threw our brotherhood overboard.

He warns him that O’Reilly will teach him a lesson when he gets better, but his words are interrupted by Finn Balor. The NXT champion attacks Adam Cole and Roderick tries to separate them. Adam feels too sorry and Roderick tries to comfort him. Both embrace with the hugs of the public.


He removes the Undisputed Era insignia and connects a Superkick to his face.