Edge is the first to go on stage and comments that he has a very difficult decision in front of him since on the one hand he has Drew McIntyre and on the other Roman Reigns, and he even adds that the championships could change hands in Elimination Chamber, so the range of possibilities is enormous. Roman, escorted by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso, interrupts him and gets into the ring, and tells him that the decision should be easy, as he should recognize him as the boss of WWE. Edge tells him that he needs him to choose him to be present at the main event of WrestleMania.

Edge adds that Roman has lost his kind side, and is confident that he can come out of the shell and be the hero he is meant to be. Sami Zayn enters the ring as well and snaps at Edge who is so blinded by Roman’s airs of grandeur that he can’t see the great challenge ahead of him. Sami keeps chattering until Jey sends him to the ground with a superkick. Roman, with his hands behind his back, whispers a few words in Edge’s ear, then leaves the ring. Apollo Crews is interviewed backstage and says he is very disappointed in Big E’s actions, which has looked down on and underestimated him this past time.

Apollo Crews Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Big E sits on a couch near the commentary area. Nakamura’s knee, which continues with stomping on the back and padlock. The fight goes to ringside, where Apollo manages to take control and shakes the Japanese towards the sofa, where he throws all the food of Big E, who reproaches Apollo for the movement. Returning from commercials, Nakamura hits a lariat, and Apollo responds with a scissor kick and a military press attempt, but Shinsuke switches to the lever arm and achieves the count of three.
Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura via pinfall.

When the fight is over, Apollo attacks Shinsuke from behind, then prepares the steps and hits him. Big E gets in the way and orders him to stop. Apollo threatens to leave the rig, but charges at Big E when it turns, leaving him and Shinsuke lying on the ground. Seth Rollins is the next to enter the stage, and he says that it is a tragedy what happened to Big E, as there is nothing more unpleasant than betrayal, something that unfortunately he knows very well, since last week, all his friends have hit him too. He plays a compilation video of his assault, and then shows an intimidating letter to WWE for the mistreatment received. He calls all his cowardly detractors, who are afraid to realize that he already has millions of followers and that the most deplorable has been Cesaro since he has taken away his moment of reunion with his faithful. He turns to them, imploring them to stay strong, despite everything, and to continue to believe in his vision.

Kevin Owens meets Edge and complains about how uphill his rivalry with Roman Reigns has been, and how despite being so close, Roman has always had his way. Edge says that he respects him and that he hopes he can face him at WrestleMania.

Tamina And Natalya Vs Morgan And Ruby Riott

Tamina begins with a header and knocks down Ruby, who passes the baton to Liv. She is trying to control the pace of combat by dodging the islanders hitchhikes, but Tamina hunts her in the air for a scissor kick to apply a powerbomb. Tag Natalya, who continues to kick to the ribs. Liv manages to get up and tag Ruby, who elbows her chest and a double team with Morgan. Billie Kay enters the ring to distract them, and Tamina steals the tag to finish Ruby with an Urinagi.
Winners: Natalya and Tamina via pinfall.

After the fight, Billie gets into the ring to celebrate with the winners, wearing a Tamina T-shirt and Natalya’s classic cat ears. However, she is rejected and receives the same punishment as the Riott Squad.

Edge is backstage with Baron Corbin, who tells him that the aura of greatness between them is obvious. He recommends that the next time he sees someone with a watch worth over forty thousand dollars, he should show respect and bow down to him. Edge tells him that he prefers his cell phone since with it he not only has the time, but he can also take photos or send emails.

Bayley kicks off a new segment of “Ding-Dong, Hello” With Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Nia asks if it is not uncomfortable that they are in the ring, since they were the ones who snatched the titles as a couple. Bayley says that she has no problem since she helped her to find herself, and apart from her get rid of Sasha Banks. The three of them continue to speak ill of Sasha and Bianca Belair, until Reginald appears, who says that he cannot stay still while they defenestrate the two. Sasha comes to the ring, to remind them that she is the Champion, and therefore the women’s division revolves around her. Bianca shows up as well, and Reginald offers to join them in taking on Shayna, Nia, and Bayley.

Reginald, Bianca Belair And Sasha Banks Vs Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, And Bayley

Bianca begins with a tourniquet to Shayna’s arm, to continue with a butt. Double team with Sasha, who kicks her in the chest. Reginal does a pirouette stealing the tag and causes enough distraction for Nia to relieve Shayna, and she can take Sasha down with a slam. Tagging Bayley, who still with a grudge, gives several hooks to the middle zone. Tag back to Nia, who heads butt and lariat. Bayley sweeps off Bianca’s feet, and Reginald takes over. He receives two bumps from Nia, who goes for a leg drop, which Reginald manages to dodge. Nia goes for the tag, but Sasha and Bianca pull Shayna out of the ring, beating her up. Then they go up to double kick Nia and have Reginald land on her to get cover for her.
Winners: Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, and Reginald via pinfall.

Kayla Braxton interviews Cesaro, who says that he was really hopeful the week before, to see a changed Seth Rollins and not the same condescending jerk from last time. However, she says it is more important to focus on the present, with the relay fight that he will participate in tonight.

Dominik And Rey Mysterio Vs Chad Gable And Otis

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode watch the match from ringside. Chad tries to knock Dominik down, but he responds with hurricanrana. Tag Otis, who lunges Dominik down. His father takes the tag but receives a tremendous slam from Otis, which causes the referee, Jessika Carr, to ask to suspend the fight. Despite this, Otis gives Rey a tremendous iron again. Fight without a decision.

Edge meets Daniel Bryan, and thanks him for serving as an inspiration, seeing how Daniel has struggled through all of his injuries has served as a motivator for him to stop his as well. Daniel tells him that it is nothing, but adds that if he succeeds in Elimination Chamber, he might as well choose him to teach together at WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan, Cesaro And Kevin Owens Vs Jey Uso, Baron Corbin, And Sami Zayn

Daniel starts with a headlock and blows to the middle zone by Jey Uso. They both tag and Cesaro slam and stomp on Sami. Daniel returns, trying to take a clean and jerk from the ropes but Sami dazed, kicks him to the chin. The Canadian is distracted arguing with Corbin, and Cesaro regains the tag to give him several European uppercuts and a King of Swing. Baron Corbin takes over but also suffers the same fate. However, when he returns from commercials, it is noticeable that the physical effort takes its toll on Cesaro, who reduces the intensity and receives several kicks to the chest. Jey Uso takes over and applies clothesline and chin lock.

Cesaro gets away with a jawbreaker and passes the baton to Daniel, who applies a hurricanrana and flip. Superkick from Kevin Owens towards Jey Uso, while Bryan gives him several Yes! Kicks to Sami, who responds with Blue Thunder Bomb. Corbin takes Cesaro out of the ring to hit him, but Owens intercedes. Daniel’s Half and Half Suplex from the third-string, ending Zayn with a Yes Lock.
Winners: Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, and Kevin Owens via submission. After the fight, everyone exchanges their finishing moves, including Edge, who ends up receiving a Spear from Roman, who appears unexpectedly.