• McIntyre made a big statement about the match with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.
  • There was a tremendous match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre in Survivor Series.

This year has been special for WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Recent drew
McIntyre attended The Bump Show. And talked about the match with Roman Reigns in Survivor Series here. It was a match of the year in a way. Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre gave a good match this time.

Big statement about Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns won the Survivor Series with the help of Jay Uso. This show talked about this match in Survivor Series. And also teased this match again at WrestleMania. Drew McIntyre said,

“In this match, everyone saw how I am working these days. And what can I do Many people underestimate me but for the last eight months I am the champion. When Roman Reigns and I were in the ring together, I said that I am no longer an old guy. Now I have reached a new level. Romance Reigns has said a lot and Paul Heyman has said a lot. I kept my mouth shut because I wanted to prove my action. Everyone saw this thing in the match. There was a clear fear of the face of Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns killed Spear and made several moves but still did not know what to do now. Jay Uso saved the Roman Reigns. The Roman Reigns got the Advantage from here. I had to quit because of Jay Uso. But Roman Reigns knows what I am. I am guaranteeing that such a match will happen once again. This match will be confirmed at WrestleMania level.”

Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre had a tremendous match in Survivor Series. Drew McIntyre showed his full potential in this match. Had this match been in the middle of the fans, it would have been even more fun. In many reports, many things are going on regarding Roman Reign’s WrestleMania rival. A backup plan is also included with Drew McIntyre. Maybe this match can happen again.


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