There are two and a half months left in the new season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and all the franchises are busy making their strategies. The first task for the new season is to finalize the team and in such a situation some minor changes are expected in the teams, but Chennai Super Kings can take the most shocking decision in this entire auction. It is believed that Suresh Raina (Suresh Raina), one of the most successful batsmen of this league and one of the oldest players of Chennai (CSK), is not scheduled to be a part of CSK in the next season. The franchisee may take some major decisions in the coming days.

All franchises have to give their players a list by January 21, before the small auction for the new season of IPL. The franchisees have to tell which players they will retain and which are being left for auction. Only then the format of the auction to be held next month will be decided.

This impediment in Raina’s path

This is the last season before the big IPL auction to be held later this year and in this case, most teams will want to avoid major changes. The story looks a little different in the case of the Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni’s team, which performed its worst in the last season, can make some big changes this time and the most important name in this is Raina.

According to a report by Inside Sport, Raina’s hefty fees may come in the way of retaining him in the next season. Raina is the most expensive player of CSK after captain Dhoni and he gets Rs 11 crore every season. The report quoted the team’s source as saying,

“CSK has to take a big decision on Raina. Of course, he has contributed a lot to CSK’s success over the years. Now the team is remodeling itself, giving 11 crores a place out of a pay-purse of Rs 85 crores can upset the Yellow Army (CSK). That is why they are thinking seriously about it.

Did not participate in IPL 2020

Raina, who scored the most runs for CSK in the league, withdrew his name just before the start of last season, which was discussed a lot. From the controversy in the team, there was speculation like Raina’s objection and resentment about the quarantine. However, then the CSK management had said that Raina will be a part of the team in the next season as well, but the situation seems to be changing at the moment.