WooCommerce is a free, top-rated e-commerce website providing access to everything one can possibly need to sell their services or goods online. It is solid and robust, not unlike its parent app, WordPress. This article presents several other reasons why it’s an excellent option for online stores. 

Modular Framework 

The framework is one of WooCommerce’s biggest advantages. The modularity provides access to thousands of plugins and extensions specific to WordPress. The framework’s non-monolithic apps have helped create a developer community to build extensions for WordPress and WooCommerce functions. 

Every retailer will find WooCommerce an outstanding option with the right plugins. These can improve aspects like shipping, product handling, and payments.  

Installation is a Breeze 

You can install WooCommerce in a few simple steps. Have a look at the helpful WooCommerce guide at the end of this post for the details. 

No Cost 

This is a considerable advantage with more small companies and startups on a tighter budget than ever. Any business can utilize WooCommerce’s capabilities without paying for support or buying software licenses. WooCommerce stands on equal ground with the most prominent eCommerce apps.


Users can create new extensions and customized themes and add or change basic features because WooCommerce and WordPress are open-source. If a user chose a less mainstream platform, they would have a hard time finding developers to do this. Their skills wouldn’t come cheap. 

Online businesses have easy access to a unique pool of developers and other professionals. If you can’t or don’t know how to make changes to your WooCommerce store, it’s easy to find someone who can and will. WooCommerce’s readily available developer network and popularity make ensuing security far less problematic. 

Compatibility with WordPress Themes 

WordPress has become synonymous with flexibility and functionality, which goes double for WooCommerce. Millions of online stores worldwide have chosen WooCommerce as the most optimal foundation. It is fast, safe, and intuitive. The compatibility with WordPress themes ensures streamlined integration.

WooCommerce uses its parent app’s robustness and reliability to guarantee a premium eCommerce experience for retailers and clients.  

Sell Anything 

Thanks to the platform’s fantastic flexibility, you can sell anything through dropshipping or by creating digital products. Additional options include subscriptions, physical goods, appointments, and memberships. You can sell a single, unique digital product or as many as you want. 

Inbuilt Analytics

Inbuilt analytics is yet another in a series of pluses. This feature helps you learn more about your customers and their ways of interacting with your store. You can use sales data to get more information about them. You can even create buyer profiles.  

The vast range of WooCommerce analytics is presented in a straightforward and user-friendly interface. You will enjoy effortless integration with Google Analytics eCommerce. 


Your online store will keep growing if you have your way. In this regard, your growth strategy can be crucial. When choosing an e-commerce app, think about the future. It should be capable of supporting a frequently visited website without being too complicated to work with.  

WooCommerce supports stores of all sizes. It doesn’t matter if you carry just a few products or sell hundreds of things every hour. 

Getting Started with WooCommerce 

The first step is to select a domain name and web hosting. Then, you must install WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. This is available in the dashboard. Go to “Add new” and search for WooCommerce. It will come up immediately. 

Click on the “install” button next to the plugin. A series of prompts will help you create the main store pages, including Cart, My Account, Shop, and Checkout.