On May 12, 2021, Ellen DeGeneres disclosed in a meeting that she’d be canceling her talk show in 2022 that will indicate the 19th and last season of this series. Since that time NBC was on the lookout for a substitute in The Ellen Show’s slot. One of the leading runners to choose Ellen’s location could supposedly be singer Kelly Clarkson.

According to a report by TMZ, The Ellen Show could be substituted by Kelly Clarkson’s The Kelly Clarkson Show. The report indicates that NBC was conscious of Ellen’s decision to cancel her display in 2019. In precisely the same Season, Kelly Clarkson hosted her talk show that was published on September 9. Finally, Kelly Clarkson’s series would be thought to be the program to substitute The Ellen DeGeneres Show at the slot.

Based on TMZ’s report, as the pandemic decreased the ratings of several talk shows such as The Kelly Clarkson Show, the Production could be on the lookout for other alternative hosts. The conclusion regarding Kelly Clarkson carrying over The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s time slot would be contingent on the ratings obtained in the upcoming months.

TMZ’s report also asserts that should The Kelly Clarkson Show fails to impress the viewer, NBC may search for different hosts. The Production are thinking of comic Tiffany Haddish to choose the function of the talk show host. When Haddish had removed the use of guest host The Ellen Show the evaluations of this series improved, making the Production believe her as a replacement for Ellen DeGeneres.

Why was The Ellen Show canceled?

On May 12, 2021, Ellen DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter the Ellen Show’s 19th season is the last time for her talk show host. She informed the interviewer that she didn’t find it hard enough as she had been a creative individual. The chat show host finished over 3000 episodes this past Season. On May 13, 2021, she advised her supporters officially she wouldn’t be continuing her trip for a talk show host.

From the psychological event, she thanked her supporters for their service and credited them for altering her entire life in the previous 18 decades. The comic book continued to amuse her audience and explained the reasons for her choice amusingly. She eventually said that she wanted”to take a rest from speaking”. She also disclosed that the decision had been made two years back that her show will just be operating on the series for the following 3 decades. She subsequently went on to mention it had been her instincts that guided her to stop the series. She concluded her statement by telling her supporters the previous season could be filled up with surprises and could be a chance for the discussion show to thank her viewers.