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The cryptocurrency was introduced many years ago, and the most know currency, bitcoin, was invented in 2009. Since the creation of cryptocurrency was not much known, it has gained in the last few years. One of the most known virtual currencies in the world is bitcoin. It gave investors a new trend to invest. Bitcoin can be traded, stored, and received overseas and is a viable option for investors’ portfolios and retirement plans. From a survey, it is clear that most investors have been investing in crypto for not more than two years. Learn the ways you can make money during a Bitcoin crash

Every investor witnessed the hike of bitcoin in 2021, and this hike led to gaining popularity among more investors. Investing in bitcoin has become easy, with many platforms providing exchange services. Crypto exchange provides a 24*7 business cycle. It made crypto more popular as compared to the domestic stock exchange. The trading available on the domestic stock exchange is only for a few hours.

Reasons behind the gaining popularity of bitcoin: –

More brokers offering crypto investments: –

The crypto investment was available with few online platforms. Due to massive hype around virtual currency, plenty of platforms now offer virtual currency trading. More brokers are now offering crypto trading because many platforms offer different investment plans, and investing in crypto is more straightforward than physical investment. The more people will engage in bitcoin investment more popularity bitcoin will gain. Some the financial services firms like stalwart and its firm Fidelity have announced offering bitcoin in their company’s plan.

Acceptance of bitcoin by El Salvador as a legal tender: –

One of the negative points about cryptocurrency was that many governments rejected it. Cryptocurrencies do not involve any central financial authorities in their fund transfers, and the prices of cryptocurrencies are not as stable as fiat currency. But in September 2021, only one country El Salvador accepted bitcoin till now. Some investors are willing that this is the beginning of the crypto to be accepted by many other countries soon. Acceptance of El Salvador is no doubt a historic move. It will attract some of the investors in the line and the ones who are waiting for more crypto legitimacy before investing in it.

Government attraction toward virtual currencies: –

Most countries’ governments are not accepting bitcoin as they want to diminish the cryptocurrency and fight against the rise of virtual currencies. It does mean that the countries are not interested in the virtual concept. Significant economies do not much prefer the decentralized concept of virtual currency. For instance: – china is launching its digital currency, known as e-CNY or digital Yuan. It is a centralized digital currency launched by china to control the growth of other virtual currencies. It shows that neglecting the present cryptocurrencies and launching their centralized digital currency is in the concept of government. Not only china but the U.S. is in the race to adopt the idea of digital currency. The vice chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Board has said that the U.S. will someday have a central bank digital currency.

Merchants are accepting crypto: –

Some investors fear investing in bitcoin. The reason is bitcoin still has limited use and can’t accept worldwide. Using bitcoin, we can book flights, pay for food and hotels, and even using bitcoin, one can gamble. Crypto wallets have made it easy to pay for exchanges like the mainstream apps Google Pay and Apple pay. This feature of bitcoin attracts not only investors but also those who want to use crypto as a medium of exchange rather than an investment.

Conclusion: –

Other factors that make bitcoin popular among the other currencies are blockchain and Metaverse. Widespread news of the price gain of bitcoin has been spread out. Easy access to bitcoin has rapidly increased the prices of bitcoin. The 24-hour business cycle has also facilitated investors as they can choose a relaxing time that suits them for trading. The record-breaking hike in the price of bitcoin has led to a rapid increase in customers and gained popularity. The use of blockchain keeps the government out of monetary affairs. It shows that one gets complete privacy in financial matters. Bitcoin will fuel Metaverse, and soon it will become more likely to accept worldwide. One of the technology giants, Facebook, has renamed its entire platform as Meta platforms.